The Joyetech EXCEED Grip

The Joyetech Exceed Grip is a tiny dual box pod available in several different colour choices. It measures 74 x 40 x21 millimeters and weighs a mere 74 grams.

It comes with all the basic paperwork, usb cable and a spare coil and 2 cartridges

One cartridge is a pod cartridge with a built in 0.8 ohm NotchCore mesh coil and holds 3.5 ml

One standard cartridge uses a changeable EX-M 0.4 ohm mesh coil and holds 4.5 mls.

These are both powered by a 1000mAh internal Exceed Grip battery and both are protected by

Joyetech’s DBP (dry burn protection) with 20 watt Max output.

It has a large fire button and bright LED indicator light. The light will flash twice when DBP kicks in and cuts the power preventing dry hits thanks to Automatic Temperature-Controlled technology.

To change the coil in the standard cartridge simply pull the cartridge from the battery part

Then just twist silver plate on the bottom, unscrew the coil, prime your new mesh coil with

a few drops of juice, screw it back to the silver plate ,insert in the cartridge and twist the bottom

And your ready to fill up ! Its recommended you wait 5 minutes before vaping.

Here are the front, back and side views.

In todays world of salt-nicotine I think Joyetech has came up with the perfect little device

especially for a beginner who wants to quit smoking. They have an option toto try both salt or free-base nicotine and see what works best for them. And for the advanced vaper the Exceed Grip is perfect for on the go. There is nice airflow with standard cartridge and nice but more restricted with the built in coil pod. I have had zero leaks. Cloud production is really unbelievable for such a tiny device. Flavour is quite good too. I have no problem getting through the day if I’m out and about.

The Joyetech EXCEED GRIP sells for about $35 US

The only recommendation I would make to Joyetech would be to make some sort of a lanyard similar to the one in the pic below. Though its tiny enough for your pocket, we don’t always have pockets especially with summer approaching . Its not only tiny but so cute too!

For more info check it out at EXCEED Grip – Joyetech
gliz, May 17, 2019

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