How to Use an E-Cigarette for Beginners

If you are a beginner using an e-cigarette for the first time, please read the product manual carefully. It contains a lot of information and points that you should pay attention to. Below are some commonly used knowledge points that will help you better enjoy the e-cigarette product.

How to make it work
An e-cigarette generally consists of three parts: a battery, an atomizer, and e-liquid. When you use the e-cigarette, you need to put e-liquid into the atomizer, then connect the battery and press the fire button to inhale the e-cigarette.
Of course, the current pod system basically works without a button and uses pre-filled pods. Users just need to insert and remove the pods and do the inhalation and exhalation to enjoy the e-cigarettes easily.

Inhalation method of e-cigarettes

The inhalation method of e-cigarettes can be divided into direct-lung inhalation and mouth-to-lung inhalation. In direct lung inhalation, the vapor is directly inhaled into the lungs. Mouth-to-lung inhalation is when the vapor is inhaled into the mouth and then swallowed into the lungs. Mouth-to-lung inhalation is more suitable for beginners as the method is similar to smoking, while direct inhalation is more suitable for experienced users and those who like large clouds of vapor.

Choose e-liquids that suit your taste

E-liquid is the heart of e-cigarettes, and you can choose e-liquids that suit your taste. Since there are too many brands of e-liquids, you should choose e-liquids from reputable brands for better quality.

Determine the appropriate e-liquid concentration

When using an e-cigarette, you need to determine the appropriate e-liquid concentration based on your smoking habits and personal tastes. The most important parameters in e-liquids are the VG /PG ratio and the nicotine content. The higher the VG, the larger the vapor cloud, while a higher nicotine content can produce a stronger draw. Beginners are advised to choose a VG /PG ratio of 60/40 or 70/30 and try the nicotine content from 2mg/ml and then slowly increase it if they are not satisfied.

Take care of the e-cigarette device

Long-term use of refillable atomizers can cause a lot of e-liquid residue to accumulate, which will eventually affect the taste of your e-liquid. It is recommended to clean the atomizer when changing the e-liquid flavor, which can be done through water washing or ultrasonic cleaning. This will help prevent excessive buildup of sticky substances and degradation of your e-cigarette experience.

Since e-cigarettes are electronic devices, keeping the battery intact is key to extending their lifespan. Regularly check for any accumulation of sticky substances to keep the battery connection unobstructed. Wipe away dirt with a clean tissue.

Control frequency and duration of use

Try to control the frequency and duration of use, and do not use it continuously for a long period of time to avoid harmful effects on the body.

Understand the taboo of using e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are not suitable for certain groups such as minors, pregnant women and people with cardiovascular diseases. Please read the product information carefully before use and familiarize yourself with the relevant taboos.

Understand the safety precautions

  1. Do not vapewhile lying down or on your side, otherwise the e-liquid will not properly contact with the cotton wick in the atomizer coil and it may burn out.
  2. Do not inhale too strongly or take successive puffs, as this may result in wasted e-liquid and insufficient vapor production.
  3. Do not block the vents on the bottom or sides of the device when vaping, as this may cause excessive draft resistance.
  4. Avoid high temperature environments as electronic cigarettes are electronic devices and high temperatures, direct sunlight or heat sources can cause the battery to explode or catch fire.
  5. Reduce charging time to extend battery life. Although many electronic cigarettes have a charging function, it is best to limit the charging time to about 4 hours to avoid shortening the life of the battery.

Be aware of the law

Although electronic cigarettes are not as strictly regulated as traditional cigarettes, public places and private spaces may have their own rules and restrictions on their use. Some places allow the use of e-cigarettes, while others only allow it in certain areas. It’s also important to check your country’s smoking policies, as some countries specifically prohibit electronic cigarettes.

We hope these suggestions are helpful for you.


Released on March 24, 2023

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