Teros ONE reviewed by Shone

I received teros one from Joyetech for the purpose of this review.

Joyetech teros one colors:

– Moussaieff red
– Carbonado
– Sapphire
– Gold diamon
– Emerald green


– Size: 15mm x 29.5mm x 80mm
– Battery Capacity: 650mAh
– Weight: 64.5g
– Cartridge Capacity: 2ml
– Resistance: 0.5ohm
– Power Mode: Constant Power output (3 Levels)

In the box:

– TEROS ONE Battery
– TEROS ONE Cartridge
– TYPE-C Cable
– E-liquid Bottle
– Lanyard
– Warning card
– User Manual
– Warranty Card

Teros one is very compact pod device and it is pocket friendly, I can say that I like the size of the device: 15mm x 29.5mm x 80mm. On the device you can see “One” which looks really nice in my opinion, also on the sides you can see “Joyetech” and you can see “Teros one”. This device is available in few very nice colors, I received the device in red color and I really like how it looks, color quality so far looks good. Build quality is good, everything is as it should be and there is nothing bad about build quality. They also used here glass material and because of that device looks very nice in my opinion. 
This device has automatic switch which means that device will activate on every draw. In the package you will receive lanyard which is good if you like to carry the device around your neck.

From the top you can see the cartridge, the cartridge stays very good in the place because of the magnets on the top of the device. Mouthpiece is very comfortable for using in my opinion. On the cartridge you can see engraved which coil is in the cartridge and also you can see engraved power range for the coil. Coil in the cartridge is mesh coil and resistance of the coil is 0.5ohm and you can use it from 9-13w. Capacity of the cartridge is 2ml which is pretty much fine especially if you use the device with nic salt e liquids. 
From the bottom of the cartridge you can see the fill port. On this device we have press to fill system which is in my opinion very good. In the package you will receive bottle that you will use to fill the cartridge. Bottle fits very nice here and capacity of the bottle is 8ml which is very good because once when you fill the bottle with that bottle you can fill the cartridge 4 times before you refill the bottle. So, all you need to do is to fill the bottle and press in the slot with the tip of the bottle to fill the cartridge. Also I used some of my bottles to fill the cartrdige which is nice. In my opinion this fill system is very good because you can fill the cartridge without any problems and everything remains clean.
From the bottom of the cartridge you can see two airflow holes and I like the size of the holes for mtl vaping which is very important.

On the top of the device you can see the slot for cartridge and as I said in the slot you can see two magnets that holds the cartridge very nice in the place. Also when you look in the slot you can see two airflow holes that fits with the holes on the cartridge and airflow solution here is very good because airflow holes in the slot are raised a little bit.
This device has very good built in battery, this battery has 650mah capacity which is really good for this device. From the bottom of the device you can see the usb c charging port that you will use to charge the battery. You can pretty much fast charge the battery, it takes around 30 minutes.
On the one side of the device you can see the button and on the button there is led light. This button you will use to change the working mode and led light is here so you can see which working mode you are using and also this led light is battery indicator. I really like the battery indicator on this device and it is really nice that you will be able to change the working mode.

Working modes:

– High: green light
– Medium: blue light
– Low: red light

Battery indicator:

– Green light: 100% – 60%
– Blue light: 59% – 30%
– Red light: 29% – 0

Device protections:

– Timeout protection
– Over charging protection
– Short circuit protection
– Over discharging protection

How this device works and my thoughts:

The design of the device is really good and I really like the glass material on the sides, I really like the visual impact here. Build quality is really good and color quality looks good for now. This device is very compact and pocket friendly which is very good in my opinion because this is a pod system. Mouthpiece is comfortable for using and I think many will like it. You can pretty much easy take off and put the cartridge in the slot and magnets are good and cartridge can’t fall out for sure. Airflow solution here is really good and there is no condensation between the cartridge and the device which is very good. We have here two very small airflow holes and I can say that airflow is good for mtl vaping and I think many people that like mtl vaping will like the airflow here on this device.
The draw switch works very good and it activates every time without any problems which is good and you will like this automatic switch especially if you are beginner.
I use here nic salt e liquids with 35mg nicotine and throat hit is really good, also flavor with my liquids is good with this mesh coil.
Fill system is very good and in the package you will receive the bottle and with that bottle you will be able to fill the cartridge easy and without any problems and capacity is 2ml so you will be able to enjoy all day with your nic salt liquid. There is no any leaking which is another plus with this pod system. It is important to say that when you fill the cartridge for the first time you need to let it sit for a few minutes and than you can use the device.
In the package you will also receive the lanyard which is nice if you want to carry the device around your neck, but in the pacakge you will not receive one more cartridge which is a con.
This device has usb type c port and you will be able to charge your battery very fast which is a big pro here. Also it is very nice that you can change the working mode and we have here led battery indicator which is very important to me.
So, joyetech teros one is very solid device , this device has really nice size in my opinion and I really like the design, also this device works very good and I think that this device is really good for beginners.


– Only one cartridge in the package


– Build quality
– Good design
– Comfortable mouthpiece
– 2ml capacity
– Good flavor
– Bottle in the package
– Very nice fill system
– Very nice airflow solution
– Good airflow for mtl vaping
– 3 working modes
– Usb c port
– Automatic switch works good
– Color options
– 650mah battery
– Lanyard in the package
– Battery indicator

Thanks Joyetech
You can but it here: Joyetech teros one


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