Joyetech Teros One – Start With This One Review: POD MOD Made From Glass Material With Air Pressure Detection

The Teros One is the new POD MOD vaping device from Joyetech. It uses glass material for the front and back panels with a glossy metal frame. If you’re a fan of Mouth To Lung (MTL), you’ll fall in love with this little jewel of technology and design. For Direct To Lung aficionado, the experience is more than what you can expect from such device, but don’t expect the same level of power than what a more powerful devices can deliver.


With a 650mAh battery, the Teros One is light and very portable. The removable cartridge can hold 2ml of E-Juice and it’s TPD compliant.

You can start using the device in minutes, fill it up, wait about 5 minutes for the coil to get ready, turn it ON and you’re ready to vape. You don’t need to press any button when vaping as the Teros One uses Air Pressure to detect the aspiration. It’s that easy and quick.

Because it uses Mesh Coil and Meshed Cotton, the heating is uniform and strong. Of course if you’re a DT (Direct to Lung)  vaper, the experience won’t be optimal, but still satisfying, as it’s a small device with a fairly small battery. On other side if you’re a MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaper principally, you’ll find the experience very satisfying. Yes it was definitely made for MTL lover.

The 3 powers setting let you adjust the amount of vapor and the taste you desire:

  • Warm on low setting with a small amount of smoke.
  • Medium is warmer with a medium amount of smoke.
  • High is the maximum warm level with a high amount of smoke.

Like me if you prefer the low setting, it delivers a good balance between the quantity of vapors and taste. I was surprised by the quality of the taste thought.

Build Quality and Design

The first impression you’ll get when you first stare at the Teros One: It looks like a luxury product or even a jewelry, a big jewelry. Made from glass material for the front and back panels with a glossy aluminum frame, it’s a stylish vaping device that you’ll be proud to show off at a party. Women vaper or not  will love it. It’s a small device, but it holds surprisingly well in your hand, it’s not slippy as we would expect from the look and size of the device.

It’s a well made product with high quality build and finish.

5 dazzling colors named after different type of diamonds are available:

  • Carbonado for Black
  • Emerald Green for Green
  • Golden Diamon for Gold
  • Moussaief Red for Red
  • Sapphire for Blue

 Teros One Coil and Cartridge

The Teros One uses Mesh Coil, it means it has a larger surface area, so the heat is more evenly distributed leading to an enhancement of the flavor and taste.

The density of the vapors is sufficient on this kind of device, but what is exciting, is the taste! It’s amazing! For a vaper like myself who care more about taste than vapors quantity, it’s exalting.

The innovative Childproof Filling system is integrated on the swappable cartridge of the Teros One. It adds a layer of security to the device. It’s also leakage free, making the vaping experience so enjoyable.

Battery & Charging

Teros One uses a 650mAh built-in polymer battery couple with Type C plug for fast charging. It charges a lot faster than the usual USB plug, 30 minutes, it’s all it needs to be fully charged. On a charge I was able to vape for a day. Even though I’m not a heavy vaper, I believe it’s sufficient for most vapers.

– Only one cartridge in the package

– Build quality
– Good design
– Comfortable mouthpiece
– Good flavor
– Bottle in the package
– Very nice fill system
– Very nice airflow solution
– Good airflow for mtl vaping
– 3 working modes
– Usb c port
– Automatic switch works good
– Color options
– Battery indicator


The design of the device is really good and I really like the glass material on the sides, I really like the visual impact here. Build quality is really good and color quality looks good for now. This device is very compact and pocket friendly which is very good in my opinion because this is a pod system. Mouthpiece is comfortable for using and I think many will like it. You can pretty much easy take off and put the cartridge in the slot and magnets are good and cartridge can’t fall out for sure. Airflow solution here is really good and there is no condensation between the cartridge and the device which is very good. We have here two very small airflow holes and I can say that airflow is good for mtl vaping and I think many people that like mtl vaping will like the airflow here on this device.
The draw switch works very good and it activates every time without any problems which is good and you will like this automatic switch especially if you are beginner.
I use here nic salt e liquids with 35mg nicotine and throat hit is really good, also flavor with my liquids is good with this mesh coil.
Fill system is very good and in the package you will receive the bottle and with that bottle you will be able to fill the cartridge easy and without any problems and capacity is 2ml so you will be able to enjoy all day with your nic salt liquid. There is no any leaking which is another plus with this pod system. It is important to say that when you fill the cartridge for the first time you need to let it sit for a few minutes and than you can use the device.
In the package you will also receive the lanyard which is nice if you want to carry the device around your neck, but in the pacakge you will not receive one more cartridge which is a con.
This device has usb type c port and you will be able to charge your battery very fast which is a big pro here. Also it is very nice that you can change the working mode and we have here led battery indicator which is very important to me.
So, joyetech teros one is very solid device , this device has really nice size in my opinion and I really like the design, also this device works very good and I think that this device is really good for beginners.

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