Vaping is entertainmentized

In the fifties, Hollywood prominently featured scenes of actors smoking under camera. Actors are now using electronic cigarettes to vape under camera if the scene calls for it. Vaping has rapidly grown into popularity especially in the USA, U.K., France, and Germany just to mention a few. If you’re a vaper, you would absolutely love to see well-known actors using e-cigs in the show.

Here is a list of vaping scenes in the show/movies/TV:

Who is the hottest vapor? Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Hardy?

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. In the episode, Peter discovers vaping, which leads him down the millennial road of over-exaggeration and stupidity.

The famous CBS comedy, 2 Broke Girls premiered in 2011, In one episode, a group of hipster vapers show up at diner where they light up their e-cig devices and the two girls notice them.

Popular TV show, House of Cards that premiered in 2013 was the first show that acknowledged electronic cigar on television. In this scene, Kevin Spacey who plays Frank is seen vaping in an attempt to kick the cigarette habit. When he is caught by his wife puffing who thought he quit the habit, he says it’s not cheating, it’s vapor.

In the movie“The Tourist”scene, Johnny Depp is seen vaping on a train while conversing with co-star Angeline Jolie. It’s been recognized as the first movie to show vaping openly.

The idea of vaping on movies and TV shows is common today and it’s expected to improve the market.

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