Good company of your coffee time

We love coffee, and we rely on that for daily energy boost. A great coffee time makes day life meaningful and relaxing: having a bit chinwag with friends, sipping cappuccino alone while browsing fun videos on youtube, or even doing nothing but chillaxing.

Then, what are the best mates with a coffee time?

Baked foods

Yes, those are what coffee lovers call must-have, and nothing can beat the coffee break better than a bagul, a muffin or a brownie.


A tuna sandwich is a great tasting balance while you are drinking a cup of Caramel Macchiato.


Don’t wanna watch a latest movie in your coffee time?


A trendy song detecting app which allows you to search any BGM being played in the coffee shop. Ain’t it cool?

Teros one

TEROS ONE is the Joyetech first Pod Mod device to use glass material, giving it a stunning and luxury look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

With its portable size, you can bring TEROS ONE everywhere with you. It fits perfectly for your coffee time. Coffee and Vaping will definitely help you unwind after a busy day!

Which ‘mate’ you will bring for a coffee break today?

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